We’re looking for help running ConTamination2020

Con-runners/programming volunteers:

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We’d like to invite you to collaborate with us on this project by forming the ConTamination Organising Committee. So far, this comprises of myself (Kat Kourbeti), Vivienne Raper, David Gullen and Gerard Earley – we are all SFF writers, authors and book club organisers based in London, UK.

While between us we have considerable con-going experience, the organisation side of things is another adventure entirely.

There are some skills we’re still lacking on the organising committee. One of them is making web events disabled accessible. Another is forum moderation, which is a skill that none of us currently have. We’re also looking for people with SF&F contacts worldwide.

Speakers & Panelists:

We’d like to invite you to give us any and all thoughts on panels you could and would want to speak on. Please let us know what sorts of panels you would like to take part in, including any specific panel ideas and speakers you’d like to work with.

If you have any particular ideas about panel titles/subjects, other speakers you’d like to work with, ways to improve the convention or reach out to people we haven’t considered, etc, please let us know.

Sponsors and dealers:

We’d like to make ConTamination2020 as accessible and welcoming as possible, and part of that is keeping ticket costs low.

Although a fully virtual convention doesn’t have a venue or transport costs, we have expenses associated with web hosting, website software, and video conferencing.

We’d ideally like to use an online convention suite with dealer rooms and a microsite, which we are reliably informed could cost several thousand UK pounds.

If you’re interested in sponsoring ConTamination2020 or running an online booth at the convention, please get in touch!