Vivienne Raper (@)

Vivienne has a PhD in climate science, but writes mostly about biotech, health informatics and genetic engineering. She combines a day job as a science journalist/technical writer with a side gig as a fictioneer – mostly of hard SF. Her previous experience running a convention was putting together the programme for a conference about healthcare IT.

[NB: She reserves the Nausicaa cosplay for GP visits… nope, not kidding].

Kat Kourbeti (@)

Kat is a  science fiction and fantasy writer, film critic, and podcaster, sporting the most Canadian accent you’ve ever heard on a Greek person. She has spoken at several science fiction conventions, and misses the community-building of cons more than anything. She co-organises the Spectrum London SFF Writers Group.

Catrin Osborne (@)

During a lofty former career as an aerialist, Catrin completed her MA in Performance Design and Practice at Central St Martins College of Art & Design. She began adapting books to make them into circus theatre shows, establishing her theatre circus company Osborne & What. Currently finishing writing her first speculative fiction novel, she is excited to be volunteering on her first convention.