Social DistancingThe ConTamination2020 committee are determined to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at all times. We aim for a friendly and respectful atmosphere and ask everyone to be courteous, considerate, and thoughtful.

Basically, be excellent to each other.

Anyone not observing these principles, or who wilfully attempts to detract from the atmosphere of the convention, may be excluded or muted from a particular panel, or banished from the convention.

If you have any concerns or feel unsafe at any time during the convention please contact any member of our organisation. They will take your concerns seriously and in complete confidence.

ConTamination2020 reserves the right to refuse or refund membership to anyone we are concerned may not behave appropriately, or to anyone who has been removed from prior conventions and events for such behaviour.

Attending ConTamination2020 requires acceptance of this Code of Conduct.